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New Profile Posts

  1. Lohrenswald
    Lohrenswald Hygro
    What happened to yer avatar
    1. Hygro
      Jul 16, 2018 at 8:57 PM
  2. texdionis
    texdionis FramedArchitect
    Hello, framedarchitect, how do you do? I really enjoyed Civ5 Faerun mod, and I would gladly contribute for the Civ6 version, if you are still working on it. I read you were about to release an alpha in February, but nothing came out since then. Let us know what is going on, as I said, I am ready to patronize.
  3. Authopius
    Authopius Gedemon
    Hello, Quick Question; Is WHoward's 2 Units Per Tile mod compatible with your R.E.D. Modpack?
    1. Gedemon
      R.E.D. Modpack should be compatible with almost anything, but I've stopped modding for civ5 long ago.
      Jul 15, 2018 at 7:51 AM
  4. JosEPh_II
    Just ghosting thru
  5. Cutlass
  6. anarchywrksbest
  7. Owen Glyndwr
    Owen Glyndwr Dachs
    Mang, what the **** are you doing up at 2:30 in the morning?
    1. Dachs
      oh yeah I have to teach tomorrow mb


      I don't

      I can be irresponsible af and nothing bad will happen
      Jul 10, 2018
    2. Dachs
      that said: good night and thanks for the concern
      Jul 10, 2018
    3. Owen Glyndwr
      Owen Glyndwr
      Right. Despite being at a school, I somehow still forget that summer vacation is a thing that exists. Well I'm on #fifty if you want to come keep me company while I bash my head against this thesis.

      ETA: Understandable. Have a nice day
      Jul 10, 2018
  8. Takhisis
    Takhisis Synsensa
    Seriously, don't read too much into the post on the rants thread. I just needed an excuse to write something. Anything. I deleted it since it's not worth keeping anyway.
    1. Synsensa
      what's happening
      Jul 10, 2018
    2. Takhisis
      Takhisis being silly happened.
      Jul 10, 2018
    3. Synsensa
      Jul 10, 2018
  9. Takhisis
    Takhisis Kyriakos
    1. Kyriakos
      It is empress Zoe.
      Jul 9, 2018
    2. Takhisis
      That's it. Your new name is Kyrakos Polygelios.
      Jul 9, 2018
      Kyriakos likes this.
  10. ryanmusante
    Vox Populi!
  11. Synsensa
    Synsensa Takhisis
    You smell.
    1. Takhisis
      With my nose, yes.
      Jul 5, 2018
    2. Synsensa
      Fake news.
      Jul 5, 2018
  12. cardgame
    cardgame Synsensa
    Re: your last post in random thoughts: Do you have me pegged as anything in particular?
    1. Synsensa
      I'll be honest, I sorta don't. For a while I thought you were emzie, and then realized that couldn't be true because you're cardgame, not emzie. :lol: Although if I had to pick a trait, it'd be non-confrontational. I can't remember a moment where you got in a heated fight with someone or otherwise started a fight. Always kind, always helpful. Never antagonistic.
      Jul 4, 2018
  13. CivCat101
    7/4/18 - First release of Modern Units!
  14. SamSniped
    DJ Goodboye is in the house
  15. Ferocitus
    Ferocitus uppi
    Thank you for the time and patience you spent on answering my question. It is very much appreciated and saved me a lot of time wading through junk elsewhere.
  16. hydralisk98
    Simulation of a individual inside a biological shell.
  17. Angeou
    Happy weekend to myself
  18. EditorRex
    Rising and falling
  19. Cutlass
  20. Tasunke
    Tasunke mimic
    Hey dude! think it might be possible to Merge Yokaido into patch O or extra modmod?