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  1. seanpowell
    two styles and terrain details. I think for troops one single troop as an outlook looks better than the 3 trying to be 1 unit.
  2. seanpowell
    I think properly honeycomb tiles over square tiles for anyone who adopts temple of ayre religion. it would be cool to see that effect of the
  3. Tigris of Gaul
    Tigris of Gaul georgestow
    Would you please re-upload The Mod of Modness?
  4. seanpowell
    If the new civ i mentioned earlier about bringing tiles up in the air and square tiles dont seem to work try honeycomb or pentagon
  5. seanpowell
    Another idea is too be able to zoom in close on a tile and scale unit to the right size and be able to have more detailed land and units.
  6. seanpowell
    nice for example to be able to click on a certain building that you have built in your city and have things been built in them.
  7. seanpowell
    strengthen or weaken the spell casters spell. Some more depth to buildings that you build when you click to go inside your city it would be
  8. seanpowell
    to your civ and being able to study other religions on their own tech tree, if you capture their holy city. A chaos spell that can
  9. seanpowell
    Bigger maps with more room to grow and hold a good number of opponents. The oppotunity to convert other religious heros and other units
  10. Captain2
  11. seanpowell
    centerpede look to them. The 4 horsemen pestilence, war, famine, and death should be able to capture these units with evil civs.
  12. seanpowell
    small percentage to gain the adventure promotion once you have studied that tech. Balseraphs units could have crab hands or aquatic human
  13. seanpowell
    The tech warrior caste out of master of mana has a hero symbol on it, and i think that it should represent all units in the game have a
  14. seanpowell
    gameplay properly suits Elohim. Luchurip should have a mudgolem worker as a hero.
  15. seanpowell
    a butterfly which changes into a moth at night maybe for Elohim. A raven is another. A fairy to light small areas at night for early stage
  16. seanpowell
    a double handed weapon should use 2 accessary slots. As for hawk a bat would go well for the vampires an owl which can see day and night
  17. seanpowell
    A unicorn would be a good unit for Elohim. Elemental should get the upgrade promotion empower. More weapons like maces, axes, swords, and
  18. seanpowell
    windrush is a good name for an air spell. Tofarides is a good name for a unit like a medic or religion. Basium and Hyborium should start
  19. seanpowell
    blocker. Holy for the gold dragon and unholy for the black dragon fudge i love my dragons from wales see. Sorry about my spelling and grammar
  20. seanpowell
    unit would be a good few heroes for the lizardmen. A mammoth would go well for the tundra. An iceburg would be a good ice spell as a