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0 Emissions Gilgamesh SV

Apocalypse mode and Biosphere are an awesome marriage.

0 Emissions Gilgamesh SV
Basajaun, Jan 25, 2021
    • PiR
      Agree. Except a meteor just fell on the city where I built the Biosphere!!!! :cry::cry::cry:
    • Basajaun
      That was true the first times, yeah, but Ive played apocalypse quite a bit, and I think I got the gist of it, because Ive finished 5 SV already without going past phase 3, by delaying coal power plants a bit, using alternative means of boosting production like planting forests, building lumber mills etc. Apparently it works quite well especially paired with a bunch of soothsayers summoning the fire gods every sunday. I kept a stable use of about 4-5 total coal per turn max for my main cities while I was finishing the Biospehere and the rest of solar panels and such, and once I got all powered up in renewables, I bought/rushed the rest of the coal power plants to get the prod bonus, without the hassle of losing cities every 4 turns. I must say this game was quite satisfying too because it also was my record SV.
      At this time in my first Maya/apocalypse game right when it came out, I had already lost about 5 cities to meteors, including my capital hahah
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    • PiR
      Yeah, it seems the meteors prefer the city tiles (about half the time?) and maybe also conquered capitals.
      And it's true you can avoid the last level or win before, that's really doable. Plus de soothsayers can really improve yields, even make tundra cities decent, and the volcanoes make for great farming/mining. What I don't like is how much CO2 the soothsayers emit, and then you get diplo penalty very quickly for that.
      I'm going for the achievement "The end of the world as we know it - Be the last person standing after comets begin falling." so I don't mind losing cities, it's the price to pay.
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