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Ai Worst Start

Don't think the AI cheats? How can he have Swordsman when he can't trade! Little (bleep).

Ai Worst Start
Turquoiside, Jun 21, 2008
    • Psyringe
      Because he can trade along the coastal tiles, just as you could if you were in his situation.

      Not a cheat, apparently just (again) a poster that didn't know the rules of the game. Which can easily happen in a game as complex as Civ, yet it astonishes me how eager people are to claim that the AI is cheating when a simple check of the rules would show them that it isn't ...
    • Turquoiside

      No, I checked trade Advisor, even 'Stop Trading', he has NO trade going on. It is a cheat.
    • jsweeney
      this may sound dumb,,, but is he sitting on iron?
    • EquinoxOmega
      The only advantage of this starting position is that it's easy to defend.
    • jsweeney
      but i do see monty getting horse archers on the earth map without contact with the old world......creepy.
    • jsweeney
      knowing the Aztecs though the people are probably forced into horse-a-tude
    • jsweeney
      are you positive he doesn't have any other cities? your map is darkish
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