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Civilization V Gallery

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Recent Comments

  1. Acepox
    Fun fact: my military, for all purpose and intent, consists of 3 cavalry armies, and 3 submarine armadas. I have been waging war almost exclusively through loyalty flipping. The only cities I...
  2. Acepox
    Hi! I flipped Indonesia's entire territory except her capital (as shown) into my empire through loyalty. This her last city, I have two Bread and Circuses on its border, 3 spies rotating...
  3. Ryansinbela
    This is cool But I wished the developers added the absent civs from CTP2
  4. JosEPh_II
    Make the Main window for Civ II fill the whole screen, full borderless window mode, iirc. Then you should be able to reposition the City window.
  5. Jaundis John
    Wonderful, strong Civ. But your numbers are way too high... too good to be true. Are you using an OP Mod?

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