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Civilization V Gallery

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Recent Comments

  1. poundjd
    This is just too much!!! I loved it!
  2. Balthasar
    When San Francisco (1936) was made, the events it portrays were just thirty years old, and audiences who remembered hearing about it when it happened flocked to see the tragic San Francisco...
  3. Balthasar
    The Great Ziegfeld (1937) manages to do many things at once, and not all of them well. Firstly, it tells a highly fictionalized story about the life of Florence "Flo" Ziegfeld (played by William...
  4. Aral G Vorkosigan
    Please note I expect to be able to load the scenario to Steam this weekend
  5. Aral G Vorkosigan
    NAW - AV Waterloo 1815 is a "tactical" scenario, i.e. it does include only the battle of Waterloo itself. Using the historic order of battle, map, and initial troop positions, the objective is to...

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