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Civrev Tech Tree (w/ Arrows)

I spent some time this weekend working on the Civilization Revolution tech tree. Here is the result. :) I have put in the arrows for all the techs. Also, because lines overlapping is unavoidable, the lines use different colors. Let me know if you notice any problem or have suggestions to make it better.

Civrev Tech Tree (w/ Arrows)
Thunderfall, Jun 29, 2008
    • choxorn
      That's the entire Civ Rev tech tree? Kinda small.

      And why do you need Monarchy for Religion?
    • travathian
      You can remove a bunch of the lines in this.

      If you have to have Writing for Literacy, and Writing requires Alphabet, then you don't need a line from Alphabet to Literacy.

      There are a number more just like it.
    • GoodGame
      I take it Nuclear Power is just six techs into the game?!
    • Ball Lightning
      Much smaller then normal civ, but that i guess is what it has to be for console.
    • ramatheson
      What a lame, watered-down version. It's barely more complex than the mobile phone version, LOL. We're not counting graphics, of course. Oh, ahem...excuse me, "Uber 1337 GRAPHX of teh pwn." I went into console-speak for the console fans here, because we know that graphics are the main priority for them.
    • bonafide11
      Umm... Whatever you say, man. :rolleyes:
    • ramatheson
      Well, don't get me wrong. I've played consoles since 1983 (Atari, Intellivision, NES, Super NES, Playstation, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii), but do realize that they are for a different type of experience; one that is a bit more shallow, with a focus on graphics.

      If I want a deep game, a strategic game, I'll play a PC game. There are rare exceptions such as "Utopia" on Intellivision (first god-game), and "Actraiser" on the Super NES (combo side-scroller and god-game). For the most part, when I want to drink a couple of beers and play shallow but quick on fun game, I play a console. I mean, take the "best" shooter on consoles ("Halo" series) and compare it to an "average" shoot on the PC ("Crysis", imho), and there is absolutely no comparison. I won't even mention "Half Life." The only decent shooters on the console were PC games developed for the console as well, and they still stink because of the controller issues.
    • Yingpingu
      :lol: :lol: :lol:

      Cool :cool:

      i only have Civ 2
    • The Turk
      THATS IT!!
    • JohnSearle
      I'm not understanding the logic of some of these arrows...

      Code of laws needs writing, and writing needs alphabet, so why bother linking alphabet to code of laws; isn't it already implied by saying that you need writing? You should already have alphabet when you have writing; thus lot of these arrows are unnecessary. It's like linking alphabet to future tech, it's a given that you have alphabet by that time, considering the immediately preceding techs needed alphabet at some point.

      Or is it that alphabet can lead you straight to code of laws? In which case why bother including writing, which assumes that you already had alphabet.

      As a suggestion, I think you can cut back on the overuse of arrows. It would make the chart easier to follow.

      - John
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