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Thunderfall, Jul 12, 2007
    • Algan
      Skilled in horsemanship? I have the feeling that this means something...
    • Lord Neil
      To me I think this means that he lost a village skilled with horses meaning he will not have as strong of cavalry forces now.
    • number51
      I think it means you get a technology, just like regular civ when you get tech's from goody huts.
    • HiroHito
      consoles are for kids and it shows :)

      EDIT: gotta add that the gfx do kickass, they are just "kiddish"
    • Swedishguy
      "You have captured my favourite village". I get the feeling this is the beginning of a new Internet meme!
    • raketooy
      Now we only need a YTMND of this. Or these days YouTube may do the trick.
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