Thunderfall, Jun 28, 2007
    • Mirc
      I didn't know they discovered silicon in Ancient Egypt. :huh:
    • sigmakan
      I dunno, Egypt was way ahead of their time . . .
    • Chose
      wow, this one is no debate. Here nipple is showing (right side). That is unbelievable. What is wrong with the designers.
    • Somnabulist
      Well, it isn't exactly showing, it's just the shadow.

      A man can dream though, a man can dream.
    • NateDawgNY
      Wow, I suddenly feel motivated to buy a gaming console just to play with Cleopatra... :eek:
    • GVBN
      Firaxis is just following the trend
    • Terxpahseyton
      Uuuuuu, a nipple! So what? Don't you have one too?
    • NubianMercenary
      : Yah, but I would rather look at hers than mine :).
    • Snoopaloop
      Cleopatra over Hatshepsut???

      I thought Civ4 vanilla's choice of Hatty (most worthy Egyptian queen) over Cleopatra (popular) was great step in the right direction.
    • e350tb
      She looks a slight dark, seeing as she was GREEK and all that.
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