Cold Barbarian

Cold Barbarian
Thunderfall, Jun 28, 2007
    • Algan
      Who could this be?
    • sigmakan
      Abe Lincoln?
    • Lord Neil
      Looks like he might be supposed to be Celtic from the woad looking stuff on him.
    • pay-t
      Or he could be Atilla (you know from the Hun's) But Celtic could be a possibility too.
    • Algan
      It's been confirmed that there is three different Barbarian leaders: cold, temperate, and warm. Each will have their own flavour and Unique Units. Guess which one we're looking at? :)
    • Angst
      Winter - he's got fur on his shoulders.
    • Zyonicus
      I'll be giving him something to Scream about when I send in some Facist Spanish Marines on his Village.
    • CHEESE!

      ... lol!

      that made me laugh... gratz
    • dutchking
      He needs to take a breath mint...
      Otherwise this guy is UBER pissed. :eek:
    • Ken the Great
      And you get the jackpot! :D
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