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Greetings from Asoka

Greetings from Asoka
Thunderfall, Sep 20, 2005
    • Mrdie
      Damn he is ugly.
    • Mentat
      And what is so ugly about him, eh?

      And, hmm, what qualifies you to say that? is there
      any picture of yourself available ;P.

      I think it is a pretty appropriate leaderhead. Finally!
    • Mrdie
      Well, if you think he looks okay that is fine. He doesn't make me want to puke or run away because of his ugliness or anything, but he is not attractive. ( Not saying that any leader is attractive in any Civ )
    • civilleader
      Why doesn'y he have any crown? All the paintings of him have a crown...or a turban like crown.
    • ronning
      yeah, hes ugly
    • Synsensa
      He looks evil with his eyes, and he has plastic hair.
    • Mirc
      He looks stoned...:crazyeye:
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