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Hold the line

Greek AI-forces are about to cross the river (and got completely slaughtered)

Hold the line
Rabid, Jun 3, 2006
    • walkingfigment
      Nice job with your gold. +21 GPT at 100% science? Was it the gold and gem resources that helped you do that?
    • Maniacal
      It looks like they are building camp fires...

      "Sir, these fires should keep the wolvesaway."
    • AAjus[LTU]
      I don't understand how is it possible to get so much money with 100% science
    • Pariah
      Probably because he only has 4 cities. He may have founded them on or near financial resources, then built a lot of cottages.
    • AAjus[LTU]
      but all the commerce :commerce: the cottages produce goes to the science :science:. Where from is the +21 gold :gold: every turn ?
    • Cabay Jet
      Specialists, trade deals and corporations, probably. :p
    • DroopyTofu
      Shrines too
      Once I got over +100 gpt at 100%.
      A religion spread to about70% of the world, Finacial, Stock Market (you guessed it, England), markets, grocers, trade routes, it all adds up! :lol:
    • danjuno
      The colors for Greece and Arabia are of that from Vanilla so, no Corporations is my guess.
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