Map of Western Europe

Map of Western Europe

Made from A to Z by hand from an empty canvas
Coming Soon...
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@Lonecat Nekophrodite Infact I'm at an impasse, because I put water tiles so that the ships can cross them, thinking in particular of the Vikings who passed by the rivers to plunder, but the problem is that certain cities like Paris will be able to have a port while in real life they don't have one, so I think I'll replace them with normal rivers
@Adamiy Oh I do care. :)

Weren't you supposed to give me the landform data? We can do a Scrambled map with that. (No need of rivers, because if you want river flooding and dams then you have to have scripted rivers).
@blackbutterfly Yes I know but finally I made it by hand, because it's more realistic, the resources, the forests, the mountains the marshes etc EVERYTHING is realistic and based on reality, I studied the real map of the France in order to make it as realistic as possible, I think it's better than a scrambled map because it's a bit random distribution
@PiR Exactly bro, in fact I'm a mapper not a coder or what, so I don't really know how to do this kind of thing, in my mods personally I rarely touch game codes, my mods are just maps with cities and units (historically placed)
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I was just proposing this in order to replace the boats, but I understand you're only working on a map.
Did you include natural wonders? City States like Geneva?
I would love to build SF bridge :D

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