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Norte Chico of the Barbarians

Norte Chico of the Barbarians
Thunderfall, Oct 18, 2007
    • Bianezzi
      Rather historically incorrect.
    • tempacc
      "We squalor and filth..."

      I guess Barbarians aren't native English speakers.
    • KillerClowns
      "Rather historically incorrect?" Yeah, last I checked it was Europeans who were the unclean ones, what with all the plagues and such they brought.

      Having cast my agreement with a previous poster, I have only one comment: nice teeth. I mean, seriously, that guy's grin could make a vampire flinch.

      So, this is presumably the tropical barbarian. Having seen him and the cold barbarian, I'm wondering what the temperate barb is gonna look like. I'm going to wager on a Germanic, Gothic type of look.
    • XMasterMind
      Stand aside, smelly one xD
    • sargasm
      And people complained about ethnocentrism in Civ IV...
    • MarkM
      Yeah, I hope they come to their senses and back off this stereotype. This is really bad, and totally unnecessary.

      I could be wrong but I think that most major "barbarian hordes" of history (in the sense of warlike peoples that attack major civs of history) originated in Europe and Asia. Well, unless you call the aztecs barbarians (which would be highly accurate).
    • Camber
      Puh-leese! Back off liberal ideologues. The very term "civilization" is culturally biased, so if you want equal tolerance for all peoples, you'd better look for it in a different game. If you think for a moment that anyone 5000 years ago saw their neighbors as anything other than barbaric (even when their neighbors were more advanced), you don't understand history. Everyone was bigoted, and to portray them as anything else would be rewriting history (just so you can feel better?).
    • sargasm
      So would you favor the addition of racial slurs to the game, as long as they were historically accurate? To do otherwise would be presumably rewriting history.

      In any case, it doesn't really matter whether people 5,000 years ago were bigoted -- the representation is simply inaccurate. The Norte Chico had a complex society, and that nonsense about hating cities and knowledge is just that: nonsense. To claim that because some civilizations might have seen them that way, they should be portrayed as such in the game, is missing the point. Unless there is some reason the game should adopt the bigotry of a particular civilization?
    • Cabay Jet
      Racial slurs? What racial slurs? Or would you rather we dressed up some poor white guy with face paint and fangs Dracula would be proud of as a (poor) substitute?

      And for the last time, it is just a game!
    • Spikerocks101
      After looking at the Vampire for a minute or two, whats this game going to be rated? I kids going to buy it for there Wii and the mom will be like, "Hey, it teaches history." The kid plays it for a while and when the mom comes in the room, she will see Nukes coming down from the sky, cleaning off the barbarians and then hundreds of heavily armored tanks rolling in to finish off the tribal people because there different. Then she will see global warming killing many people with ships blasting away settlers and workers... But nice pic thou.
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