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Ozymandias, Mar 1, 2020
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    • Dr. Elephant
      That was an very interesting concept, it was an Terror bird, do it?
    • Ozymandias
      Yes, there are 2 of them done my Supa long ago - "Regular" & "Knight." They'll be the Era I "Cavalry" in South & Central America in my Terra Fantasia mod.
    • Dr. Elephant
      @Ozymandias Do you plan to have them as an unit for an mod?
    • Ozymandias
      Yes, @Dr. Elephant. "Terra Fantasia," set about 125,000 YA, before the last Ice Age, pretending H. sapiens spread around the globe far earlier. Otherwise, "Historical." Warmer enough that Scandinavia was an island, and the native war animals are terror birds in South & Central America; horse in N.A. (only); & elephants (only) in the Old World. Dig around for the thread; many more to follow - and keep an eye an some of the more "interesting" units @Delta_Strife is turning out ;)
    • Dr. Elephant

      That sound interesting. :)

      For which Civ game?
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