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SOTD4: Numberless No Unit

Willy has threatened me with his No Unit :run:

SOTD4: Numberless No Unit
Firestorm94, Feb 27, 2009
    • cybrxkhan
      Maybe he's so powerful he doesn't need units.
    • apenpaap
      yeah, he looks like he's trying to use his mindpowers on the picture.
    • coko
      RFC I take it?
    • Moogi
      Which scenario is this being played on?
    • Russland3
      maybe the force be with you -
      Darth William !
    • Lord Chambers
      I'm surprised to see an error caused by user modification becoming screen shot of the day so early. Maybe the moderators are trying to ration out the good ones to last longer?
    • toll_booth
      He thinks he's Chuck Norris or something.
    • Mikalo11
      It is a very very well kept secret that Chuck Norris was originally intended to be included as a wonder/unit in Civ4 but was removed do to a seemingly irreparable glitch that allowed his creator to defeat the united nations in less then one turn
    • Firestorm94
      Rhye's and Fall of Civilization
    • DroopyTofu

      :lol::lol::lol:That's exactly what I was thinking.
      Anyone know of a CHUCK NORRIS mod?
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