SOTD42: My Enemy's Enemy Is My Friend

Played RFC with Greece when my vassal Ethiopia decided it was time to declare war on Rome. Yay!? I had only a few troops home when Roman legions started arriving. But their whole army was beaten up by barbs!

SOTD42: My Enemy's Enemy Is My Friend
krieger546, Oct 6, 2009
    • Brownsfan02
      dang i was wondering if their was gonna be another SotD nice pic though
    • WilltoPower
      for barbarians they're awfully organized. Lucky break!
    • McThomas
      dear god thats an arwfull amount of barbs :O
    • darkedone02
      i wonder what your computer specs are to be able to run this slow mod...
    • krieger546
      BTW The reason why there's only three defenders in Byzantion is the plague, which doesn't help.

      I run a Dell Latitude D630 packed with Core2 T7300@2.0GHz, 2GB RAM and NVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M.
    • Ekolite
      The huge amount of barbarians is party caused by the Romans having the Great Wall. A little while before the European civs start to spawn the mediteranean ones get bombarded by huge numbers of barbarians to represent the fall of the Roman Empire to barbarians. However the Great Wall is protecting the Romans' cities (very good strategy) and funelling all of the barbarians that would be attacking them towards you. So basically what you're seeing is the Greek-smashing barbs AND the Rome-smashing barbs descending upon you.

      Good luck :)

      EDIT: But at least they killed the Roman army en route :lol:
    • Silv Something
      Yeah, what will happen to you? Did the the barbs and Romans wipe each other out?
    • Lone Wolf
      See the Roman Great Wall.

      I don't envy Greece here. How many turns from that moment did the plague last?
    • Varelse
      What graphics mod are you using there? I like the look of the water!
    • Lone Wolf
      The terrain that is included with RFC.
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