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The Mega GIGA ICBM exploder

WOW, feel the power of 97 ICBMs unleashed!

The Mega GIGA ICBM exploder
SPQR300, Nov 3, 2005
    • gangleri2001
      That's right! I've seen Manbearpig in this picture and in Colorado too (even though I've never been in Colorado).
    • Dabur

    • astrognash
      Oh, dat's a BIG BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Me like boom.

      Is that just from all the nukes, or is that a modification.

      Cause if it's a mod, thenn I want it.
    • Eclipse-X010
      2 bad nukes don't destroy cities unless your playing "broken star" or "Next War"(In "Next War 2 many nukes can make the planet crack like an egg) The aftermath of this explosion will be a city with something around 1 pop left (in real life seven nukes in one spot would have made a very large crater depending on the size of the nukes (see "Stargate Atlantis: Season 4: Episode "First Strike" for a nice video of what would happen if six or seven nukes all hit the same place)
    • cj7loop
      That's not powerful enough :lol:
    • Lord Meire
      The quote below acuratly desciribes the situation that had to occur in order for someone to deem 97 nukes nessasarry for the desruction of a single city
    • winco44
      Hi, Is possible to change somewhere in paramerters that "planet crack like an egg" event ??? I like next war. I play it now long time on 18 civs/marathon/huge/shuffle..etc...it is very competitive. But when I hit good start and good progress mostly after 1900 computer or me starts to luanch nukes, and after few of them game announce "planet crack like and egg" event. In one game it happened and nobody won. And I never won on Next War mod so I want to change that parameter. Is it possible via Python (never change any parameter ever but it might be not difficult) ???

      Thank you.
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