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The World's Biggest Aquaduct?

The title says it all lol

The World's Biggest Aquaduct?
Brownsfan02, Mar 28, 2009
    • CivRulez07
      wow...quite an accomplishment, lol
    • Quebecha
      I wonder if it lifts when a ship goes past...
    • jsweeney
      they said things in the middle ages weren't engineered correctly...
    • buffalo6542
      can ships past through without breaking it?
    • viper017
      I wanna know how they got across the water to build it!!!
    • jsweeney
      if christianity was present they couldve walked on the water.....
    • victyeung
      in civilization,evey thing is possible.:crazyeye:
    • jsweeney
      the builders where like, we need water over there, this water right near us wont be any good, lets get our water from an iron mine! and we need to watch out for that village!
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