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  • Hey, I have a question.

    When you were posting cropped versions of the Gustavus Aldolphus images, the cropped images came from a much higher resolution version of the full image you posted.

    Would it be possible to upload the full resolution version?
    Hey, greg, can I ask you a question? Is this account your personal one, or do you have one that you use for your non-professional life?
    Thank you so much for your gameplay live stream. I've been at a seminar for this week. So i could only watch the recorded version this afternoon. U totally wiped out any concerns i had before - can't wait playing it. You guys are awesome!!! Greetz from Germany
    2kgreg I want to know if we are gonna see the gameplay video after the filming and to know which civ you will be playing as?


    Hey Greg, I was just wondering, will the live gameplay video be posted after filming?
    Thanks in advance.
    2K Greg.
    I'd like to thank you for your quick and helpful responses in the forums.
    2K really had their head in the right place getting you as the community manager.
    You opened your Official Civ5 Steamworks FAQ thread and said you would answer our questions about Steam. On the first page of your thread I posted a question concerning restrictions about where we are allowed to both purchase and play Civ5. It went weeks without being answered so I reposted it on your thread again. As you have repeatedly made comments in other threads but not answered this question from your own thread I now repost it directly to you:

    Q. Are there any regional restrictions, or can I purchase Civ5 from anywhere in the world and still be allowed to play online/get patches from Steam/add mods/etc. from anywhere in the world?

    This question should be relevant not only to those of us who travel, but to the Civ players in places like Australia and New Zealand who are being charged higher prices for Civ5.
    Hey Greg, I know your probably busy but I was wondering if there was any word on if in the near future there will be a demo for Civ 5?
    Hi Greg, do you know the reasons for the 'ultimate' edition of Civ V with Babylonian Civ is no longer available on Steam, and if plans for it to return are in mind?

    Hi there. I was wondering, I heard something in the podcast about the new Policy Tree that was coming to the game. Do you have any more concrete details you can share about what that is, exactly?
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