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Mar 22, 2022
Feb 18, 2008
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October 10
Behind the man behind the throne

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Jewel Runner, from Behind the man behind the throne

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Mar 22, 2022
    1. rugbyLEAGUEfan
      Well done, I'm impressed that you saw it through. I look forward to hearing about your first game and being "rucked out"
    2. Joecoolyo
      I did!

      I thought it was a welcome return to the series. Never bothered with Demo Reel, it didn't seem all that funny.
    3. rugbyLEAGUEfan
    4. caketastydelish
      Hey there I don't really use this site anymore except for Civilization strategy tips and my ask a persian thread. But I was going to play some civ games with people I know from the site... you seem like a friendly enough guy. Would you care to play a game of Civ 4 or Civ 5 with me online?
    5. GhostWriter16
      Fair enough on your professor. My economics teacher (I don't know if he's really a professor, its a college level class but he's a high school teacher) is cool, although a bit of a neocon:p
    6. GhostWriter16
      I've got no desire to put any smoke in my lungs but all power to you. What's wrong with the prof?
    7. GhostWriter16
      Awesome, though being 18 is a bit weird. Economics final tomorrow.
    8. GhostWriter16
      I'm going to community college first. I got a scholarship elsewhere, but not enough to make it cheaper than community college.
    9. GhostWriter16
    10. Arakhor
      Oh, no. I don't have satellite/cable and I'm not keen on paying for services like Netflix etc., as I really don't watch TV that often. My preferred method is buying a boxed set and going from there, so I'll have to see if they're being sold in HMV or somewhere like that.
    11. caketastydelish
      Would you happen to know why Ghostwriter and Quackers are banned?
    12. shadowplay
      Hey Random.

      I realize your family isn't Orthodox, but I thought you might be able to answer this question for me anyways. Do Othodox Christians living in the west typically exchange gifts on the 25th, or do they wait until Orthodox Christmas?
    13. Ailedhoo
      Good day comrade.

      There is a space based forum game been set up called IOT: the Great Journeys. You might want to consider it.
    14. GhostWriter16
      There's nothing worse in my view than offensive war, it increases the power of the state, kills innocent people, and leads to more innocent people being forced to kill and/or being arrested for criticizng the regime. If Lincoln had fought to free the slaves, perhaps you could say he was the rare idealist who fought for good reasons, but to me, fighting to stop secession is among the worst evils possible. No, Lincoln wasn't Hitler, but he wasn't just another US President either. He was evil, through and through. The South, say what you will about their labor policies, were fighting for THEIR INDEPENDENCE. Lincoln basically said "You can keep your slaves as long as you remain in the Union and give us your tax dollars." That's just unjustifiable.

      You should read one or two of the articles in my sig to get the pro-South side;)
    15. GhostWriter16
      WWII is always one that's kind of dogged me. After Pearl Harbor, there wasn't much that can be done, but there's much to criticize about our economic policy towards Japan beforehand. I've always dodged the question by saying if we hadn't stupidly aggresed against the Central Powers in World War I, there wouldn't be a World War II (Say what you will about German U-Boats, Wilson had clearly picked his side long before and wanted an excuse to "Make the world safe for Democracy."

      You could argue if you like that violence wasn't justified in the Revolutionary War, but the reality is that WE were the secessionists. England used lethal violence to make them stay in the country. Did not Abe Lincoln do the same to the Confederate States?

      I really don't see how you can justify Lincoln. Ft. Sumter is weak when you consider the South offering to pay for the fort, but the US refusing to acknowledge CSA and rearming the fort, as well as constantly telling the South they had to return.
    16. GhostWriter16
      That and the suspensions of habeus corpus and shutting down of northern newspapers. Even if the Northern war were justifiable, which it wasn't, I'd consider Lincoln a tyrant because of those things alone.
    17. GhostWriter16
      Just wondering, but I thought you were a pacifist, so how can you support Lincoln?

      I'm not even a pacifist, I think violence in self-defense or against convicted killers is acceptable, but even with my slightly less pacifistic view, Lincoln doesn't pass the test.

      Say what you will about the CSA, to call them the aggressors is a little bit bizarre. And saying that secession automatically makes you the aggressor is really cynical and also justifies the United Kingdom in the American Revolution.

      Also, where do you stand on Israel v Palestine? Just curious.
    18. Cheezy the Wiz
      Cheezy the Wiz
      About Colbert and Dommy being white. Brilliance in practice.
    19. Cheezy the Wiz
      Cheezy the Wiz
      What a truly excellent post in the SC Senate thread. :hatsoff:
      I know that there is one in Louisville (where I live), but from what I've heard, its made up almost entirely of people from Greek, Lebanese, Egyptian, Ethiopian, or Russian backgrounds. From what I've heard is that there aren't any major differences in the regional Orthodox denominations.

      You should seriously create an "ask an Orthodox Christian thread", It's the only major denomination of Christianity that doesn't have an "ask a..." thread.
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    I also think that [redacted]boys should be destroyed.