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  • I haven't really been keeping track, to be honest. Got other things on my mind. When is it?
    Good luck!
    With regards to your objections, if your team is anything like mine, everyone knows objections are one of the hardest things to do in Mock Trial and success with those only comes from practice.
    In general, yeah. Aberdeen (and Scotland in general) is particularly student-friendly, so it would be worth doing. Obviously it depends on what you're studying, and if Aberdeen University is actually any good at providing that education.
    It was a joke based on the coincidence that Ghostwriter was talking to you but when just looking at your wall it seems like he's answering my question.
    I can't stand the Battle Hymn of the Republic and couldn't stand it ever since I learned the real history. Blasphemy is indeed what it is.

    I've never read the book in question.
    Since I lurked ghostwriter's visitor page you are going here?

    Congrats. My advice (based on experience) :

    Of course do your work and study, but that alone is not enough. The campus (should) have plenty of activities so get involved and meet people. I'm not saying you need to find a woman to 'settle down with' while attending there, but don't do what I did and just sit in your room without talking to anybody unless you absolutely had to. If you give it a chance you'll have the time of your life and meet some great people. :)
    But you're still a Union supporter.

    I do need to ask you one question though:

    What's your take on the Battle Hymn of the Republic?
    Mock Trial is a blast, but I've been lucky in that neither my high school nor St. Thomas take it too seriously. (Although we do quite well at it.*) If your team takes it too seriously it isn't as fun but I would recommend trying it out along with Model UN.

    *For some odd reason, our delegation to Model UN always does really well and tends to form the center of most resolutions despite several members being buzzed, if not flat-out hungover.
    "It's like an Australian went to an Outback Steakhouse and decided to try to one-up the institution."

    It's been done. I got served by European backpackers wearing akubras the one time I ate there. It was confusing.
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