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  • What museums did you go to? I'd say the best around here is the Science and Industry Museum, though it is kinda out of the way.
    Yeah, plus it would be kinda hard to convince my mom to let me meet up with a friend from the internet, :lol:

    But whatever, the tourist stuff is still fun. There's a lot to do around here :)
    Which line?

    As for Catholicism, I definitely wouldn't say "Catholics aren't going to heaven." Some certainly are. Knowing the Pope, I think he's a part of the pomp of the "Catholic Church" which, for him, I believe is just a power grab which somehow got him to be ruler of the Vatican.

    The thing is, if you believe in salvation by grace through faith, and believe Christ died for your sins to give you that grace, repent of your sins and turn your life over to Christ, you will be saved. Some Catholics do, some believe its all about "Being good" whereas really, you can't.
    I'll fix the link.

    Also, what thread are you talking about? I never started one, and I really have little evidence to support my position anyway.
    Whoopsie! I didn't even see this visitor message! (Seems the system didn't give me a notification...)

    Thank you, thank you! I've been on a Manic craze lately, so I figured I'd give it a shot. :p I'm not too picky with characters, so pretty much all of them get a chance eventually.
    I think the lessons i will be getting will be in Koine. Ionian is closer to it than Dorian though iirc :)
    I'm sorry. :( I don't have full moderation accesses yet, so Plotinus should be able to help you. It is possible to edit a poll, but I'm not able to do that.
    it was a hard question, I don't know what to say, our religion is not incompatible with myself persoanlly because none of these communist things like racism (first known use of the word racism appeared in soviet trotsky), or anything else. Yes murder is wrong so I am not genocidal :)
    No I am just a better Neo-Nazi then they are, the others are lazier then me. I don't care how many Seig Heil's you can do in one minute I am the one doing all your work!
    I am a neo-nazi. Hitler worship is beneath me though so I don't find much common ground with these lazy "Hitler88" look at my leather boots and Nazi flag I bought/made! neo-nazis. These guys make me sick.
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