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  • Hey adhiraj, if you don't mind me asking, on Steam, are you adhiraj_bose owning EUIV and Civ V? I am trying to friend everyone from the old days. Sorry if I sound like a creep. Anyways, if you see a friend request from InsertWeirdNameHere, it's me.
    You're right Adhiraj, I have been just following with the C2C PBEM because it's just playing and I really plan on doing something with that game on S&T in the future.

    Several things happened on my life at once and I'm finally recovering from those. It just started with a hard end of semester last year, and then it evolved into something far bigger. Now I can say I'm up to deliver 2 job requests in the near future (not sure exactly when yet) and my father is finally coming home from Hospital (which he has been in for more then a month now).

    I didn't read a Tryst yet, I'm sorry. I really want to, but I still have to avoid S&T so I don't simply spend a lot of my time in it as I used to do, because right now I need to spend a lot of time in other more important stuff.

    I believe before the mid year break I'm already back, but maybe only then because the end of every semester is a hard time on college ;)

    As soon as I catch up with a Tryst I'll let you know :thumbsup:
    That's true adhiraj, I've been pretty busy since the end of last year. When I get the time I'll get there to see the news, I'm eager to see what happened, but until wednesday I think it'll be hard to get any time.
    I'm sorry but I wasn't following it and I don't like interfering in something I don't understand good enough. Good luck with your story!
    Just caught up on Chalukyan Legacy. :) I can never do well as an Indian civ in SoI, I want to see how it turns out. I also got about a third of the way through Tryst when I was still lurking and I've been meaning to get back to that. I am also interested in the Indian History group. I love the diction in your writing by the way, Godspeed.
    It ended 3 days ago. I'm still coughing once in a while, but I'm overall ok. Thanks for asking.
    I hadn't get a strong flu like that in years, it lasted 3 weeks.
    They are still going :p
    Later today there is another one, and there is at least one more later this week.
    Tomorrow I'll show a project with my group and discover when the next test will happen.

    And I have yet to get an answer from another teacher saying if there is something else he wishes me to do, so I don't fail on his subject.

    I think I'll only be able to breathe next week
    Yes yes, I'll answer you pretty soon, I have several CFC tasks to do that I couldn't do in the past 2 days because of lack of time.
    Have you ever vetoed ministerial proposals in Tryst? I kinda feel the beelining Oracle tech path is crucial for the early game.
    I'm sorry adiraj, I unfortunately lost track with your story. If I find some time to get back on track i'll let you know it. :)
    wait im confused

    you said you would make me foreign affairs minister

    but now im the commander-in-chief

    so what am i?
    i was going to be foreign minister, but I thought CK had taken it, if it's open I would be glad to have it
    I'm away from Civ S&T. Like I said before, it stresses me out. I'm only on to help the Post-America mod and to read your History group. I haven't yet picked out a substitute for me in the Shura so I'm leaving that when I do.
    My internet is too slow for me to work on the social groups right now. I'll fix things in the morning and get my high speed connection back.
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