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    So you worked on a Civ IV GoT Mod. I can't find a working link. Do you still have it?
    It's always "nice" to see people filling up threads with ideological diatribes that aren't even accurate. Bonus points are awarded for using meaningless words such as "statist".
    Thanks. I admit that I also have a sort of reflex to respond to people who mischaracterize a whole portion of the population...
    Adrien, you might not know this, but classical_hero has a sort of reflex response to any mentions of Islam, namely a paranoid defensive one.

    He even quotes the Mirror of all papers.
    Hey. I know you don't post much, but the election right now for my America: Choose You Own Adventure IAAR is really close, interesting, and crucial. Your vote would really make a difference! If you're not interested, that's fine. I could make find another Byzantine to vote.
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