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  • Adrogans! On your part of the update (2nd to last part of the update, it's special). I've got a question though. How many circles are there in the Dohtel's magocracy? Does it go from 5 (lowest) 1 (Highest) or vice-versa?
    Yeah -- I'm not too strict about or bound to the character aspects. I just prefer the simplicity of knives. ;) But these blade-knuckles you speak of could be interesting if written about eloquently.
    Just read thru the entire Sekai thread this morning. I look forward to Aria's presence in this world. Your stories gave me a plethora of options and sub-plot ideas - my head was kind of spinning.
    Nice stories! So Fulton as the Kingdom of Oagramakandi has requested Madraga's assistance in the war against the undead. I haven't laid out relations between Madraga and Oagramakandi, but I have a feeling they are uneasy, but not hostile (though perhaps elements might have been hostile in the past). I know you don't control Madraga, but it might be nice to have your input in the OOC thread (when you get a chance). Also, it can be story opportunity: Fulton sent a loremaster to you by the name of Oan. He posted a story about it - perhaps on page 2 or 3.
    You have the honors of welcoming Iggster. I am interested in how it will go.
    ps. but no reselling.

    Edit: By the way, could House Texier buy the Terrier design? If so, what cost?
    I hope you don't mind us asking, but how did you obtain the wherewithal to build Terrier-Class Destroyers? Did you buy the design from the Engineers? Also, might you be willing to build some for House Texier and sell them to us? If so, how much money would you like in return, for, say, four Terriers?
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