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Jun 5, 2021
    1. Agent327
      Yeah, I noticed that. If apenpaap doesn´t try again, maybe you should ask Imrahiel, who was using the modmod for his own version at some point. (I´ve changed PCs since then, so I´m afraid I don´t have a version of it myself anymore.)
    2. playaveli
      Do you still have the Star Trek Expanded modmod? The new link isn't working was wondering if somebody could reupload it, Thanks
    3. Agent327
      ` I don't believe in evolution because its evidence in my opinion is misinterpreted. I am a YEC, and I believe the Earth is about 8,000 years old.`

      Yes, well science isn´t a ´belief´, it proceeds from evidence. But I´m sure all educated science is misguided in thinking that the bible isn´t a record of science. Unfortunately, when the bible books were written science hadn´t progressed as far as to make an estimate of the age of the earth, the planetary system or the universe at large. In fact, seeing the bible as a source of science is a serious misunderstanding of its purpose, which isn´t science, but faith. Had the bible books been written in the 16th or 20th century AD, they would have been entirely different. Unfortunately, since it is considered a holy book, the bible isn´t being updated, unlike science or the daily tools we work with.
    4. Agent327
      BTW, who IS that girl in your avatar??
    5. Agent327
      Ahhh. It´s still there somewhere, but my internet´s been down for a few months now and the password´s gone. And being on another PC (not mine), I thought I better make a new one. Thx for asking BTW. ;)
    6. classical_hero
      What happened to your original profile?
    7. GhostWriter16
      Taken out of the animal and abortion thread:

      I don't believe in evolution because its evidence in my opinion is misinterpreted. I am a YEC, and I believe the Earth is about 8,000 years old.
    8. Agent327
      The download page says:

      Please read the player text.
      You wont be able to play unless you do.

      I played the sceanrio with no problems; I don't think it's for ToT, as you suggest. ;)
    9. luke2345
      the king david scnerio failed to load, aparently it's not a saved game. is it for t.o.t.
    10. tuxu
      wrong place, oops :\
    11. Agent327
      Jazeker (onder andere). Maak 'r wat van, zou ik zeggen. (De mod dan, hè.)

      Yes I am (amongst other things). Then give it your best shot, I'd say. (The mod, that is.)
    12. Sagitario
      U bent Nederlands?
    13. Sagitario
      I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THE MOD! I had a Calculus exam along with a History of the French Revolution exam! In addition to that I proctor the discussion section in two Portuguese and two Spanish classes! I'm teaching myself how to Mod but I hope you can understand it is NOT my priority :)
    14. Agent327
    15. Nitram15
      No, I thank for YOU!
    16. Agent327
      Well, the Babylonians didn't have emperors. (Nor did the Sumerians or even the Persians; the closest you could get to it was being 'King of Kings'.) The identification of Nimrod is kind of difficult, but as far as I understand it, a Sumerian king has the best cards. The 'Tower of Babel' was the local ziggurath, for which several kings can claim construction - but not Nimrod. He's mentioned in the bible a couple of times, but not directly in connection with Babylon's 'Tower'. BTW, I didn't know the Nimrod saga made it all the way to the Magyars, so thanks for that little bit of info. ;)
    17. Nitram15
      I knew Nimrod as Babylonian king or emperor. And he was the builder of the Tower of Babel.
    18. Agent327
      Thanks for your praise. ;) Not having any Mac experience my guess is if you download the file you can transfer it to your PC. It's just a file. Does a Mac have a different way to download stuff or does it not recognize the file?
    19. mtruk
      ok how can I download this on a Mac? (my mac has internet and then I put it on my pc)
    20. mtruk
      awesomo thenk u ur scenarios always looked so cool
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