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    Has the AI ever accepted a "counter" proposal in your games?

    This has been asked in the G2G forums, and a Dev has aknowlodged that there is an issue here. In short, he said that the AI only stockpiles gold for specific goals, so it rarely has enough gold to accept a counter-proposal. You can read the discussion on G2G on this link...
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    Ara: History Untold

    Thanks! I was not able to find it earlier. Will check it out shortly. I am not really hyped about this one, but really curious. And really happy to see another option in the genre. Just pre-alpha but already find really annoying that concentric road layout in what appears to be the cities.
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    Ara: History Untold

    Here there is a new video from JumboPixel with some pre-alpha gameplay footage.
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    [Mod] True Culture Location and Territory Naming for the Giant Earth Map

    Agreed... When two players have the same cultures and they start creating cities, do we get the same names for the cities? For example, in this case, the first city created by the "Ukranian Goths" would be called Gothinscandza, but if then the "South Sweden Goths" create a city would this one be...
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    Forced Revolution by the game code? (SOLVED)

    Have you moved away from the center of any (or some) of the Civic axis?? When you are at the center of each of them you get the maximum stability reward, and as you move to the extremes you lose it in exchage of other reward (like stability, industry, food, influence, gold...)
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    Humankind Game by Amplitude

    Well, it has been asked on Reddit, and it looks like it is not yet ready for Mac (link).
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    Idea - "rough" era transitions

    Not only that, it would also be great if an empire "cracked" in two different cultures, adding in that way a new player to the game. The same goes for colonies becoming independent and turning into a new culture.
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    The OpenDev/Preview Thread

    I totally agree on that. I could not play this OpenDev (no Stadia in Argentina), but I believe that having unnamed outposts is strange, and having them named with the culture that created them would add a lot to seeing the history of your civilization in the map (immersion). What about when you...
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    The OpenDev/Preview Thread

    Oh, I understand, hopefully we get the chance to see a little of this in todays livestream Yep that I don't really get... Maybe for your own production, if you want to build many Units that require the same strategic resource at the same time... I miss the point on having many luxury resources...
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    The OpenDev/Preview Thread

    Well I do really like how this is implemented... That means no more nonesense commerce with other civs at the other end of the world. No active selling is also interesting, no more time wasted clicking on different leaders to see which one offers me more for the same resource. I guess we have...
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    The OpenDev/Preview Thread

    Well, that sounds nice, for what I understand if the price is not shown in the first screen (where you see the resources of each player) but in the second (the city with the resource) it would mean that a same resource can potentially have different prices depending not only on the player but...
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    The OpenDev/Preview Thread

    Wow that looks just great! Could anybody try the trade system out? I watched some first looks and gameplays of this OpenDev yesterday but none of them got into trading...
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    Humankind Game by Amplitude

    Wow those are great news! Sadly Stadia is not available in my country... hopefully this Nubia OpenDev is later made available for other platforms
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    Culture (Unit + Quarter) Speculation Thread

    As much as I would love Argentina to be in the base Game I don't see it happening. During the second OpenDev live stream Cat was asked if there were going to be any South American cultures and she said that she could only remember one South American culture being in the base Game, and that must...
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    Perspectives on Humankind as it relates to Civ VI

    Well... It is hard for me to agree with your post but it is true that not everybody has to like HK. Just a couple of things... On the readability of the map: Yes, it is harder to read but how long have you played the OpenDev? I think it is just a matter of adaptation, and the more hours you...
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