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  • As my user name implies, I tend to concentrate of the combat side of the games - I'm not a builder. Perhaps I can help you guys develop a good combat AI. I'm based in northern Italy and would be happy to sign a reasonable NDA.

    sorry for the disjointed posting but there's a 420 character limit here.
    I started on the civ series with civ III; maxed out on civ IV as an above average player; gave up on civ V due to its lack of re-playability and the ease of immortal / diety warfare; and haven't bothered with civ VI because I figured it would be crap straight out of the box.
    I'm a recently retired business executive from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with a lot of spare time on my hands. I'm a crap coder but I have some experience in proccesses and logic. I've been involved in several business software projects helping to set the design parameters and map the decision making flow charts.
    Hello AIL,

    I just read your interesting post in the civ6 forum about the brain dead AI. You mentioned that you are involved in a soon to be released alpha of a 4x type game. Would you be interested in adding me to your tester list?

    I have no links to the gaming industry other than as a customer.

    Here's hoping I can be of use to you.


    warmonger. (more to follow)
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