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Dec 1, 2020 at 5:02 AM
Mar 19, 2012
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October 22

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Dec 1, 2020 at 5:02 AM
    1. Civ'ed
      it's separate.
    2. Nuka-sama
      I don't have any penalty for missing orders, but I just wanted to be aware. If you want to keep playing its ok, but if not totally fine as well :)
    3. Nuka-sama
      Haven't seen orders from you for a while, you still in the game?
    4. Defacto
      Chinese sounds fun. :D
    5. Nuka-sama
      Hey man I need your orders :<
    6. Double A
    7. Nuka-sama
      Just a reminder, orders are due in 24 hours :)
    8. Nuka-sama
      Yea, Kaja is more Estonian it seems which might be why I thought it sounded a bit off. It's not a big deal either way, it was just something that didn't sound right in my mouth was all. I personally liked the way Katja sounded a bit better though its your character.

      Though that does raise the question of the peculiarities of your dynasty's naming practices, with the last name of Anguish and a brother named Dante XD
    9. Nuka-sama
      Hey Ailed, stoked to have you in the game, but I was thinking Kaja does not really fit well with the the more European names, would it be alright if we changed her name to Katja? :) It's definitely alot more European/Slavic sounding
    10. Sonereal
      One turn cool down.
    11. Kinich-Ahau
      Had you waited until I finished my sign-up before attempting to intimidate me, you would have known that I'm playing a Hindu nation.
    12. Kinich-Ahau
      How dare you 'forgive' me; we are equals, not servant and master, and unless you watch your tone when conducting diplomacy with Kashmir we are going to have a problem.
    13. KaiserElectric
      I am indeed working on an imperial alliance group for us Empires. I'm announcing it along with a slew of RP later today, so keep an eye out.
    14. NinjaCow64
      You can loot, although I'm sure that 99% of people would consider raiding attempts against them an act of war.
    15. CivOasis
      If you want to join CityIOT in time to campaign for office, you will need to either signup and declare candidacy by 2:00 AM EST tonight, or let me know that you want to and can't finish the sign-up by that time.
    16. CivOasis
      New CityIOT.
    17. NinjaCow64
      If I were you I would make a thread in NES and link IOT Org & Dev thread to it. You should probably be the one to make it rather than me as it makes no sense for someone opposed to the merger to start the thread.
    18. Civ'ed
      While we'd gladly go with some aid, especially if the Maghreb go crazy, but we'd prefer to keep it at a defensive pact. As for COPE; if we could be observers rather than full members we'd be happy.
      Regards to Africa, we'd be happy if we could partition unclaimed eastern africa together.
    19. christos200
      Ail, is it possible to bomb the hell out of the Mexicans in KaiserIOT because they annoy me and they do not do anything useful? If you invade them, you will actually be justified and they will collapse as I question VGL's ability to set up a viable defensive strategy.
    20. Thorvald of Lym
      Thorvald of Lym
      Wouldn't he just kill the interviewer the moment any tough questions come up, though?
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