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  • And you are in need of learning that no one upsets me. Have you read MP IOT? Hawai'i screwed my game, so i sacrifaced my entire country just to nuke the hell out of them and to destroy them.
    I will just say that i like [insert you region]. Ha. Take that.

    Also, i cant understand why in every game you are against me and you hate me?
    He screws my game, and if you take me over i will re-join as near to you as i can in order to screw your game.
    What if we post our orders in the main thread? I mean, why dont you just call a confederence to talk about a peace treaty.
    We never ordered that. We just wanted to tell you that we would invade if we have no choice. As a sign of good will i will give you 30 RP's. What do you say?
    Dear France, after re-reading your post, we though of accepting your peace proposal. The only thing we want is that Kinichia will return us the two territories it took over during their invasion.
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