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  • MoshIOT is accepting signups now - I saw that you showed interest in it in the IOT Dev thread.
    Where did you disappear to? Your disappearance destroyed our power bloc in Iron and Blood and now we're getting dogpiled. :(
    Do you want to take over a nation in Mini-IOT Eastern Asia? About five have just opened up. :D
    As a bonus, Austria is allied to you so we could potentially see a chain of alliance activating... ;)
    Um....you know im a gonner if california decides to reject your offer? You also know they have spent over 100 IC (from Kiwitts calculations) on this war, and will therefore be unlikely to settle for 30? I have 2 islands left, no IC in those islands either (due to me using it up for supplies to continue resisting last turn) and no way to get supplies for my armies until I either get aid, or retake islands.

    Perhaps kiwitt will allow you to come to my aid in military form this turn anyway, due to me becoming your vassal after the normal DoW deadline, and due to you just getting back from mexico.
    WHY would you attack everyone at the dance party!?! Anne Hathaway is there! She's a goddess on the dancefloor and if she had half a mind to she could blow your brains out with her dance moves.
    I see no Centaurium claims in Africa; I ignored Civplayah's order to attack until I explain it's not a good idea.
    which territories do you really want? i cant spare morocco, but everything else is open for negotiation.
    since you have joined the game as the salt empire in SoM II we must agree to a common border in Africa. i am Spain in that game.
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