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Jan 9, 2003
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    1. darth degox
      darth degox
      Hi alan H because you are the authoraty on mac civ 4 ll ask you this..... I just bought bts for mac and all the leader heads are screwed up looking and every time i try to open the final frontier mod it's almost done loading but then it quits please help
    2. AlanH
      You can enable Python logging in the .ini file. That may give clues about the crash. I suggest you contact the HoF team for advice as it's their mod.
    3. WithTea
      Nope. No BUG. I did not have the new patch installed first, which I thought would solve the issue when I realized that I hadn't installed that first. Reinstalled after the patch. I still crash immediately upon loading Buffy, with no error codes.
    4. AlanH
      @gfeier: I have no idea how you used the Mod Installer to install Blue Marble in BtS. The Mod Installer knows nothing about BtS - I haven't even got a copy of BtS yet myself, as Amazon UK seem to be last in the queue for deliveries. So there's no way I can adapt the installer for it yet.

      Basically, BlueMarble installation simply involves unzipping the download file, and copying the assets in the unzipped folder into the relevant CustomAssets folder. CustomAssets folders exist in ~/Documents/<application_folder> for Civilization IV and for Civilization Warlords. I assume you now have one for Civilization IV Beyond the Sword as well.
    5. gfeier
      Hi Alan,
      Boy did I screw up my BtS installation! I tried to add the Blue Marble mod and, when I couldn't figure out what to put where, I tried the Mod Installer. Boy was that a lousy idea! The game still opens, but there is no interface, just the map. I posted the problem in the "When will "Beyond the Sword" come out for mac?" thread, but I thought I'd try to reach you directly. Do I have to reinstall all my Civ IV versions or have I just screwed up something simple?
    6. beestar
      Cheers for the message in the Who Dat? subforum, and thanks again for running it. I had not realized that the final save would not be displayed ... maybe we did better than I thought!

      Personally I thought we'd be faster into space due to the massive tech advantages granted at the beginning, but maybe the development rate is slower down (relative to year) on Quick mode. For us at least - I'm sure some of the other teams will have 1500AD launches.

      I'm also looking forward to the map designers' comments on the map design in general, and specifically Atlantis and Easter Egg Island !
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