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  • It's all good, there was some concern when you disappeared without a note (that I saw, anyway, maybe a few people missed it).

    Hope everything is going well on your end.
    Not what you meant? Who do you think knows better what it was that you meant, you or me?
    If you're still playing Rome II next year I can probably play it with you, as I plan to buy a new computer next year (not enough money ATM).
    Yes, no one was injured in the accident. She was just more freaked out than anything. My liability insurance is covering her costs, and since I don't have a job I don't have money, so I can't drive for a long time anymore. :( Yet she was the one crying, not me. :lol:

    Anyway, I had an appendix surgery my junior year of high school since it was erupting, and the scar is pretty much non-existant. Besides, once you've gotten to the point where a woman is seeing your stomach, that (probably) means you're already in the process of having sex with her, and by then you've already hit the home run, you just have to walk the bases.
    Like I told you I don't actually have a girlfriend, but if it was an absolute priority I could get probably get one, although obviously it wouldn't be anyone like Kate Upton. :lol:

    This is a cheesy example, but today I actually got in a car crash at a bad intersection during rush hour, and the other driving was a (somewhat) cute looking woman roughly my age. A lot of people are mad, angry, scared, etc when they're in a wreck, and I'd be lying to say I wasn't at least a little bit feeling that way.

    But she actually started crying (I wasn't mean to her, for the record, she was just upset on her own) and I asked her if she was ok and did my best to comfort her. No I wasn't trying to take her home or even get her number or anything, that's besides the point- the point is once you start making OTHER people feel better about themselves, opportunities for yourself (both in the dating and professional world) will arise on their own.
    You know, both men and women think there tend to think there is such a thing is 'ideal' perfection. While there are universally attractive things (such as being a healthy weight) other than that your personality/money has more to do with it, especially if you're a guy. If you're a guy that simply looks average, every now and then there will be at least some random girl that develops a random crush on you (of course, it's true the opposite as well. An average, ordinary looking girl will get an random guy getting a random crush on her every now and then). Losing weight could actually increase your dating pool somewhat, but there are other things you can do. I'm a lot more comfortable talking to women than I used to be. With my mental illness it makes it more awkward for me to interact with others, especially the opposite sex, but it's just a matter of practice to get the hang of it.
    Word of warning: Being of a normal weight does not guarantee getting a girlfriend. I'm 6'1 and weight exactly 170 pounds (healthy weight), 22 years old. No girlfriend. However, that's because I'm not trying. If I wanted I could be dating Kate Upton + Marilyn Monroe at the SAME TIME. For 19.95 I can teach you these PUA secrets. I accept cash, checks, and paypal. thanks
    Well I guess I'm going crazy! Somehow I could swear somewhere your profile said you're 19. Now I have no idea how old you are. :lol:
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