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Nov 25, 2018
Feb 8, 2009
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Nov 25, 2018
    1. GhostWriter16
      I'm only kidding:) Although I don't actually know much about it, from what I know of it I don't like the idea of kids playing it. Personally, I have no interest either. But that should be up to parents for children and adult individuals for themselves, not the government.

      Its not a difficult transition of logic to apply the same reasoning to assault weapons (I apply it to automatic ones too BTW, if you didn't already guess.)
    2. GhostWriter16
      That you have a right to own GTA 5 doesn't make it any less pointless of an idea:p
    3. GhostWriter16
      I wasn't trying to imply, for the record, that the only thing you care about is video games. Just that I know you don't care about the gun issue as much. Which is fine. If more people would just learn to accept everyone else's right to live at peace without interference, we'd ALL be freer.

      There'd still be some issues inevitably debated, such as whether abortion is actually victimless, or whatnot, but we'd still be a lot better off.
    4. Ailedhoo
      Good day.

      Are you intrested in geopolitical games such as IOT? There be a space based game called IOT: Great Journeys. Consider it well. :)
    5. GhostWriter16
      A vote for the lesser of two evils is definitely a sanction of the system. When I told my teacher if I could have voted I would have voted for Johnson (He misinterpreted my comment of preferring Obama to Romney as actually saying I'd vote for Obama) he told me that would be wasting my vote. I said I'd rather waste my vote than vote for evil. Even as a neocon, he respected my answer.

      And yeah, sorry about three consecutive comments.

      As one libertarian said "We need drone control":p
    6. GhostWriter16
      How much compromise is really acceptable? Based on my faith I'm inclined to say "Very little." I could compromise on what I consider to be mostly irrelevant questions, like whether gay unions are called "Marriage" or "Civil Union" or on whether the tax rate should be 6% or 10%, but when it comes to mass murder around the world, I almost feel like any kind of compromise is immoral. For this reason I like Gary Johnson less and less because of his "Humanitarian wars" (Which is an oxymoron), and why I think every good libertarian (In contrast with the liberals here trying to interpret libertarianism) realize why Ron Paul was far superior to him. That's also, in part, why I despise Abe Lincoln so much, although that's somewhat driving the point home that "I don't care how much of an ideological following you have, I'm going to call you out on your tyrannical actions too."

      I really do understand the people that don't vote these days. The day may come when I can't either;)
    7. GhostWriter16
      That gives me a thought about voting actually and a question I've wanted to ask you...

      I get why you supported Obama over Romney. I did too, although for different reasonings (More because I thought Romney would be more of an imperialist than because of the "Religious theocracy" stuff, I think Romney's social conservatism was a facade anyway, as for his fiscal conservatism. His only real appeal to "Conservatives" is the incessant warmongering.)

      I do that in spite of thinking, if not by much, Romney's economic views were better.

      But then, I think its kind of selfish to vote for the guy who's going to be economically better knowing he's going to kill people all around the world.
    8. GhostWriter16
      Just wondering, and answer this honestly, but do you think it was offensive for me to insinuate that Obama was a hypocrite and mass murderer for condemning the Connecticut shooter while dropping drones on US citizens?

      Feel free to give your honest answer because I'm trying to figure out how best to make the point without the rhetoric, although I'm not sure if that's possible. It drives me nuts that the President wants to ban assault weapons while he possesses his own drone arsenal that he's dropping on practically every arab country and even US citizens in those countries.
    9. GhostWriter16
      You're entitled to your opinion. That you have an opinion isn't going to anger me.

      What really ticks me off is that OBAMA of all people, nevermind the people he has murdered in the Middle East via drone (Regarding Classical's abortion point, at least that wasn't him and that is actually argued. Nobody can argue that the people that Obama droned to death aren't people, so Obama should know better) is the one calling for gun control measures because apparently "People can't be trusted with guns."

      Its not so much the gun issue itself as it is that I fear the more guns are restricted, the more safe the government will feel in ramping up its police state. Do you really think people would have stood for a modern day NDAA even 20 years ago?

      Basically, take guns away from everyone except the people who can be least trusted:rolleyes:
    10. GhostWriter16
      The gun control thing really ticks me off. I am disgusted that the media would try to manipulate a tragedy into a pitch for gun control. And quite frankly, with the way Obama has been using his drones, don't we need to address that first?

      I can understand and sympathize with the liberal economic program, even if I disagree with it, but people trying to grab guns just tick me off.

      Never assume the next government will be as benevolent as yours;)

      Do you support the assault weapons ban or no?
    11. GhostWriter16
      What's your current stance on gun control? I know you're becomming more against it, to what extent?
    12. Joecoolyo
      :lol: :clap:
    13. Joecoolyo
      Just popping in to say I heartily approve of Adventure Time avatars!
    14. hobbsyoyo
      I do understand. Hope to see you more active soon. :D
    15. hobbsyoyo
      Hey man, where you been?
    16. GhostWriter16
      If I were you I'd give a serious, serious consideration to registering Republican and voting for the most libertarian member of their party in the primary.

      Even if you ultimately voted Democrat again, it would have a positive influence on politics overall. But while a libertarian Republican would be unlikely to be able to pull back economic regulations and the like as much as we'd like, they would be able to simutaneously end our crazy warmongering and not enforce things like the newest NDAA/drop drones on people/exc.

      Then again, the Republicans would likely cheat, again, and put another neocon on the ballot. I refuse to join the party for this reason. But since you actually voted for Obama, you may have nothing to lose:p
    17. GhostWriter16
      Have you read my anti-TSA article in my sig?
    18. GhostWriter16
      Right now I think on gay rights (Specifically marriage, I already agreed with pretty much all of the other things that woudl fall under that category, whether tax breaks, [Although I'd rather simplify the tax code and give every person in the country those cuts:p] hospital visitation, inheritance, whatever) I'm about where you were on gun rights recently. I don't really agree with it, I don't think they should recognize it, I'd vote against a Federal ban but would vote for civil unions instead of marriage at a state level... but I'm not going to win it so I've more or less learned to accept it. I'd say I'm metaphorically "Sacrificing the issue" so to speak.
    19. LucyDuke
    20. GhostWriter16
      I still don't really see how adding gay marriages to government recognition is actually going to do a single thing to get government out of social relationships. Its a very different goal than mine, it just increases government intrusion rather than decreasing it.

      There was a time when I thought that I would vote for a Proposition 8 (Read: Non-recognition of gay marriage, recognizing civil unions) but now I wonder if I would vote for or against it at all. To vote for it would be to sanction state involvement in marriage, which I believe is to be between a man and a woman but should not be a state institution.

      To support gay marriage would be to support some vague notion of equality while simutaneously endorsing state recognition against my beliefs. I don't want the state to intervene at all.
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