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Nov 25, 2018
Feb 8, 2009
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Nov 25, 2018
    1. GhostWriter16
      Other than shocked, how would you feel? Sad that Obama didn't win? Or happy that someone better than Obama won? How would you compare a term of Johnson to a second term of Obama?

      And yeah, I'm in reality. It won't happen. As I mentioned in another thread, I am certain that an authoritarian neocon is going to win this election. I just don't claim to know what color his skin is going to be:mischief:
    2. GhostWriter16
      I'm pulling my "Election mode" for the next 2 weeks now.

      Go Johnson!:p
    3. GhostWriter16
      Fair enough.

      I really, really hope this election comes down to New Hampshire...
    4. GhostWriter16
      Your sig is a blatant lie. The vast majority of conservatives are opposed to election fraud.
    5. GhostWriter16
      I've lost myself. When I'm preferring the Democrat there's something seriously wrong.

      Just a question on what you said about Gary not being conservative enough for a GOP primary... do you think I would even be conservative enough for such a primary?:crazyeye:

      We're dead no matter who we choose, I'm just picking Obama since he only gets 4 more years and I want Rand Paul in 2016.
    6. GhostWriter16
      They took power, that was my point.

      Do you understand why I am so rabidly pro-gun now? After being against war (Since they can and have gotten away with everything during times of war) that's my second biggest issue. The NDAA, I think, is only the beginning. Its going to get worse.

      You should just vote for Johnson. If Romney wins, he wins. I really don't think he will, however.
    7. GhostWriter16
      I'm much more concerned with the growing police state than anything else.

      You won't ever get locked up for being an atheist. You might for speaking against the state.

      Good luck. I'm going for Obama because congress is going to be more likely to block the hell out of him,. And I'll be praying for 2016.

      May God protect us all. This country is going to hell, and its not because of people like you.

      At least Obama is less likely to start another war. That's an advantage over Romney considering I don't believe a word of what Romney says on the economy.

      Better yet would be a 269 tie that sends the whole thing into chaos...
    8. GhostWriter16
      On the other things, regarding the contraceptive rule, its still a violation of their religion to pay for contraception. As a Protestant, I do find that somewhat silly, but I'd be ticked as hell if the government forced me to pay for abortions on demand.

      Regarding Gary Johnson, probably no alternative universe. I don't think its social policy that's damning him though. Nobody important in the GOP really cares about "Hot button" issues like abortion and gay marriage, its just a diversion.

      Its really the foreign policy and civil liberties where Gary falls short of the world police state that a lot of Republicans want.

      The Republican Party is really a battleground between the neoconservatives and the social theocrats. I would say that I don't know why Ron Paul and Gary Johnson picked that party to fight for liberty in, but the thing is that both parties suck...
    9. GhostWriter16
      I know, you're scared to death of the GOP...

      Here's the thing, its not Santorum, its Romney. This is the guy who said he has no intention to pass any new anti-abortion laws. This is the guy that supported domestic partnerships for gays. This is the guy who is, may I remind you, Mormon. If Bachman/Santorum really did create a theocracy (Which I don't see happening, they'll never become powerful enough) would Romney really survive it either?

      He's socially conservative in some ways, but hardly theocratic.
    10. GhostWriter16
      If Obama had made different choices, I'd be rooting for him over Romney right now. Obama damned himself in my eyes.

      Just wondering, what do you think of the part of the ACA that is now forcing (catholic) businesses to buy contraception? Now, I don't want to overhype it, I know he's not purposely trying to spurn freedom of religion (And as a Protestant it doesn't personally affect me) but it still gives me the impression that he's not as concerned with freedom of religion as he should be. That's not the reason I'm not cheering him on, blame the Patriot Act, NDAA, and troop surges for that, but it does annoy me.

      I'd be sick of "Lesser of evils" except that I don't really feel like there is one this year. And its not just because I'm on the economic right either. I could agree with Obama 100% on economics and I still wouldn't support him.
    11. GhostWriter16
      Wow, didn't know someone that conservative would get along with the likes of Rockwell, Mises, and Ron Paul;)

      Here's the thing you've got to remember, there's different levels of social conservative. Romney is a social conservative (Assuming you believe what he's saying right now) but he's certainly not a theocrat.

      I hear you, I really do. The one consolation to Romney's campaign is that its not Santorum. I'd still vote Gary Johnson if I could (You'd need a far better "Mainstream" candidate to get me NOT to support the actual Libertarian in the race) but I'd definitely be hoping for an Obama victory in that case. I'm on the fence right now between Romney and Obama as to who will be worse of a nightmare.

      Just wondering, if Gary Johnson had been the Republican nominee, would you still be voting for Obama? (Kinda gauging to see whether things like the wars, the Patriot Act, and the NDAA are more or less important to you than the economy.)
    12. GhostWriter16
      That quote in your sig sarcastic or is that really what North believes? (I thought he was a libertarian but don't know much about him.
    13. GhostWriter16
      Noting all of that, I was just curious what you thought, if someone put a gun to my head (Only way I'd vote Romney or Obama, short of resurrection Hitler and running him against one of the two, and I still might vote Libertarian;) (OK, that part was a joke)) I'd vote the President before Romney. Romney is a joke candidate and volatile, but that's not really the reason, nor does it have anything to do with a single thing Obama has done in the Presidency (I honestly don't agree with him on anything.) It really comes down to this, I'd be betraying Ron Paul if I voted for Romney. After the way the RNC treated the Paul campaign, the GOP doesn't deserve to win. That said, if Obama is going to win, it has to be very, very close. Otherwise it won't help anything in the long run, IMO.
    14. GhostWriter16
      Its really the foreign policy that scares me about Mitt. That and that he'll do well enough on the economy that people will forget everything ELSE Libertarians are fighting for.

      I don't want another war, I feel even more strongly about that than I do about conservative economics.

      Obama probably could have gotten my "Support" (I still would almost certainly vote for Gary Johnson, especially in a state where my vote doesn't make a difference, if I were old enough to vote) over Romney had he made some different choices. As it is, I'm most worried about who's going to start another war, and second to that I'm most concerned with who is going to restrict civil liberties (Whoever we'll see least of the like of the Patriot Act or NDAA from.)

      Honestly, I'd be more afraid of getting drafted (If you're young enough) under Romney than I would be that he'll return the sodomy laws or something else archaic.

      Now Santorum is scary. I'd be rooting for the President in that case
    15. GhostWriter16
      I don't think Romney's social policy is nearly as scary as you think it is BTW. Romney is a social conservative sure, he's not the libertarian that Ron Paul is, or even the centrist Huntsman is, but he's not a radical on social issues. He's supported domestic partnerships for gay people (I'm actually more liberal on that point, I support civil unions;)) and he's fundamentally "Multiple choice" for abortion (Nobody is getting locked up for life, although I honestly would be happy if we finally prosecuted abortion for what it is, it will never happen under Mitt, or anyone else.
    16. AlpsStranger
      You? Of the two major candidates?

      I'd be lying if I didn't say you should vote for Romney.
    17. GhostWriter16
      Just wondering, based on my personal beliefs as you know them, and assuming no third party choices, who would you think I should vote for this year if I could?

      I ask because I'm still not settled on who I'd rather win and am curious what you think.
    18. Arakhor
      No, I haven't played it yet, which is probably a good thing judging by what's already come out about it. I have too many games to play as it is!
    19. Arakhor
      For the record, I like your avatar. It takes me back to my own misadventured, piteous overthrows late at night on my friend's computer. :)
    20. Arakhor
      That's not a problem then. I'm a "turn of the millennium" crank - all of the industry's greatest games were produced then - Baldur's Gate II, Planescape: Torment and TES III: Morrowind, to name just three.

      Incidentally, if you click on "View Conversation" and then reply, it will automatically post to my wall as well. :)
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