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  • I have heard that most of Japanese jails are filled with people of non-Japanese decent, as they are falsely accused of things and then put into jail. I have heard that police are brutal to people that do not appear to be Japanese. I have heard that most Japanese people will look at you funny, and some of them will even tell you to get the (explicit) out of their country. But I'm guessing these things aren't true? :)
    How's that going for you? Are you of Japanese heritage? I hear people who are not face a lot of discrimination there.
    Yeah, I am. But under NDA so can't tell you anything you don't already know. Can't wait for release though, and CK2 is shaping up to be amazing too... what's your username on paradoxplaza?
    Very much so, I'm a beta tester for it... my favorite game by a mile. Have you been checking out the DDs for a House Divided?
    No specific thread, you just generally are consistent, even if I don't agree with you. Wish more people would be. Yeah thanks, I can't wait!
    I honestly haven't a clue when you are posting if you are <language deleted as unacceptable by mod> being open and honest.

    I just read your post and smile :D
    I want to commend you on your anniversary, and on the video you posted. :goodjob: (The video part is because I actually recognized the radio guy's caddy and the upset golfer.)

    Anyway, congratulations! [party]
    Oh, unfair. :( He may bluster a bit, but he hardly gives the impression of holding straight white men in contempt.
    Ok, critiques of capitalism aside, I just want like a general understanding of the ideology and what sort of society it envisions.

    For example what happens to people who can't afford a law enforcement agency to protect them? Is it expected that people should wait until there's a minimal standard of living before privatizing everything?

    What would prevent corporations from simply buying up large tracts of land and starting their own countries again?

    How would inheritance work? Wouldn't the world essentially turn into a bunch of competing monarchies?
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