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  • Doesn't really matter, because Stiefel's got baleeted.

    Also, you're supposed to post on the other person's wall. :p
    A but if she weren't then that would be a major disimprovement of the Lansbury genepool. As far as I can make out she is a lifetime Labourite (and not that Thatcherite abomination that Tony Blair brought into the world).

    Well I do like the deep irony of seeing every one of your posts being prefaced by a lady who would in all probablility oppose them. Keep it!
    I happen to like Ms. Lansbury, so she stays. Besides, there's no evidence to support that she was a godless communist like her father and grandfather.
    Hmm you admit you are wrong. Takes a lot of honesty for that :D/

    I agree with your 2nd paragraph!
    First, that was seven years ago and yes, I believed that Saddam was pursuing a biochemical or nuclear weapons program that threatened the United States. I also believed that the U.S. could spread liberal democratic values to Iraq. Turns out I was wrong on both counts.

    Second, non-interventionism and isolationism are different; I don't want the U.S. to become isolationists, I want us to sign trade agreements and be active in supporting global commerce. I just don't think we need to go around and spend our (as a local right-libertarian talk show host puts it) blood and treasure on silly jingoistic military adventurism. :)
    Wait, what? You supported the Neo-Con adventure in Iraq? :O

    I thought all libretarians were isolationists!
    Your avatar is sincerely scaring me as it reminds me of a childhood nightmare I had. :(
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