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    [Tuner Panel] Change Game Options & Victory Conditions

    Works great. I mistakenly forgot to uncheck several victory conditions and after 110 turns used this method to change the game to my liking. Thank you so much!
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    Will there be a second expansion?

    I hope they fix/expand on the diplomacy in Civ 5. I would love to belittle them as they do me if my people are unhappy or my military isn't up to snuff! They can say things to us that we can't throw back at them. of course that could cause additional problems for me huh? lol ;)
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    The Civ5 Guide

    Nice job! Thanks for this great info for the game.
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    Civ 5: City specialization

    Yep.... good advise. Thanks
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    Civ 5: City specialization too. I have had a city off somewhere that I didn't even think was going to amount to anything but all of a sudden it became a large producer. I just placed it there coz I wanted the resource. Thanks
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    Civ 5: City specialization

    Good advise....thanks:)
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    Diplomacy by numbers - spreadsheet

    As Sun Tzu's The Art of War says: Know Your Enemy! and this will certainly help us do that. Another great tool. Thanks
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    Large Map loosely based on the Kingdom of Berth from the eComic Humans and Other Myths. I appreciate any feedback due to this being my first Civ5 map I have created from scratch. Just unzip into your Civ5 Map folder and enjoy. Works with Vanilla and Gods and Kings. The following is for your...
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    Faerun Scenario Problem

    Had installed and played Faerun Scenario V.5 and all was great. Had to reinstall due to another problem and Faerun V.6 was available so downloaded and installed. But now it doesn't give me any options of choosing who I want to play as a Civ or what difficulty level I want. (See pic included of...
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