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    Zachriel?(or anyone)

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    CivG3SG - Warlord Training Day Game

    I have to drop this SG, my sincere apologies to everyone.
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    CivG3SG - Warlord Training Day Game

    Sorry guys, I lost my turn report. I'll try to sum up what I accomplished. 1. We discovered the wheel from a goody hut 2. I managed some science to gain money, and we learned writing and are due for philosophy 3. To the north-west are the Americans, up iron working on us 4. To the...
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    CivG3SG - Warlord Training Day Game

    Got it.:goodjob: Will play tonight.
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    Least favorite?

    :ar15:The Iroquois.:rocket:
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    CivG3SG - Warlord Training Day Game

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    CivG3SG - Warlord Training Day Game

    If one slot is still open I'd like to fill it please. :crazyeye:
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    English Exploitation ~ Regent

    I'm still here, no worries.:)
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    Balancing Culture/Science/Wonders/Military

    I usually have a pretty sufficient army according to the military advisor - the only problem is most of my units are defensive and I get overconfident. "So Germany you don't wanna give me Invention do you, it's DEATH for you" and then I realize I have no offensive power and end up pleading for...
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    Babylon's second color IS blue though - that means if Rome or some other Civ that takes Red as their color - it'll make Babylon blue. Neither Germany nor America have these colors as their first or second colors.
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    I'm confused here, I thought civilizations could only be their primary or secondary color, nothing else. I just played a game as the Mayans where germany was the Rome Red color. In my current game, America is yellow. Now I know Germany is supposed to always be blue, it's their primary and...
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    Who likes Arabia?

    Arabia always seems to get very strong in my games, I may have to try them. (Might change that pink before I do.....:crazyeye: )
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    Games you are embarassed to admit you still play.

    Definetly Final Fantasy Tactics for playstation..... although I have periods where I won't play it, I find myself coming back to beat it one more time... Other games I can't seem to let go: Arcanum Heroes of Might and Magic III Civ2 Ninja Gaiden(nintendo - which I recently BEAT![dance])
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