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    Quick editor question

    The recent events in the Crimea have got me thinking about the culture flip in Civ 3 i.e. when a city becomes yours because of your superior culture. In addition, we also have the referendum in Scotland approaching, which will decide whether they wish to remain a part of the UK. It occurs to me...
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    Guys am I being stupid here? I can't find a download link. :confused:
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    Where's the download link?
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    Work in progess and Previews

    Shiro, please make some new four era LH's in the future! I personally found your LH's to be of the highest quality. :D The quality of your new single era LH's is far superior. Could you not expand on some of them to four era's so they can be used for other mods? I know it's probably a lot of...
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    English LH replacement

    Oh no, I couldn't have different LH's for different eras. Even though that makes way more sense logically, it wouldn't fit in with the rest of my game. Plus, I would never use a static LH. I feel like we British really don't get enough cool stuff made for us on this forum. I mean come on, we...
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    English LH replacement

    Hmm, yes, I've seen it. It's not to my taste. Does anyone around here make LH's any more?
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    English LH replacement

    I went for the Ironside as a replacement UU. I'm just not convinced about William the Conqueror. Maybe I'm being too fussy but I don't think what I'm looking for exists. :crazyeye:
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    English LH replacement

    Anyone know of a decent replacement LH for Elizabeth? A replacement UU would be nice as well. :p
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    Nzinga of Angola

    It's amazing how much this LH looks like a girl I knew from Angola.:eek:
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    Ages question

    I'm pretty sure I recall that there was no way to add an extra era. And if there had been, that would have been pretty big news that I'm sure I wouldn't have missed.
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    Creative ideas needed

    In the end I made it auto-produce the most powerful unit as you said. I felt that the other suggestions you made could make the wonder perhaps too overpowered. It's a shame that we're so limited with what we can do. Perhaps it's a sign that I should be playing mroe recent editions of the civ...
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    Creative ideas needed

    Hi guys. It's summer and I've finished all my exams - so it's old school Civ time. I've made a new wonder call The Singularity. The only problem is, it's a late-modern wonder, and I don't have any ideas as to what it should do. I want it to be pretty powerful, since it's coming so late in the...
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    Source Code

    Everyone has their price. :P
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    Khmer Empire rulers static leaderheads

    What leader head is that to the east side? The one with the beard.
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    Is it possible...

    Thanks guys - this is all working now. If you're wondering why I wanted to do this, I'm trying to make barbarians a civilization. My idea is to give them some advantages in the early stages of the game and see them slowly fall over time.
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