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  • Do you have a tutorial about how to reskin a resource like you did with the "Luboric" and add it to the game?
    hmm, alrighty, I'll try this soon...

    Just one more question - would deleting all this stuff require ModBuddy or can it be done ole fashioned folder delete? And would it wipe off all references to Luboric in the modded Tech Tree, even the Luboric Tech?
    hey dude, would Land Ironclads still work with post-Fall patch GnK?

    Also just wondering but is it possible to change the resource requirement of the steampunk units (and possibly disinclude Luboric)... or is that just not possible?
    No, there's really no place for it. The formations thing would be nice, but it's too big for me.
    ANDROC! I just thought of something... Have you ever heard of Zoo Tycoon 2?

    This website has hundreds of downloads, all containing .nif files, of animals! All they need is animation!

    You need an account to view the downloads section (Don't know why.)
    There have been a few setbacks. The main one is that the models are unimaginably complex. If you know anything about Blender, it might be possible to reduce some of them. I'm going to try something that the_coyote told me about called a "reducing script".
    I was informed that you rere making a mod about Evolution. I look forward to that (I've always been a prehistory nut) and want to know more. Maybe you could post a development thread in C&C?
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