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Nov 24, 2020 at 8:52 PM
Mar 27, 2009
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Nov 24, 2020 at 8:52 PM
    1. warpus
      Glad you enjoyed it.. I consider it to be one of those "Everyone should read this at least once" things, at least that's how much I enjoyed it on my first read
    2. Angst
      That makes me very afraid. Because I am actually considering anonymizing myself more. :p
    3. LightSpectra
      The Catholic Church says, from both natural law and divine revelation, that it is immoral to harm another human being (principle of double effect excepted). But it does not stake a claim as to when, biologically speaking, a human being is actually formed by reproduction. In the medieval times it was widely believed (due to primitive observatory techniques) that it was a human being after about forty days. It is now known in the modern age that there is continuity that goes straight from zygote to birth.
    4. JohannaK
      Well of course I do, please. I acknowledge I have barely seen any Monty Python gags, but that's an entirely different thing.
    5. JohannaK
    6. JohannaK
      YOU STALKER! :eek:
    7. Traitorfish
      That's a fair enough description. I'd still argue in the context of the original thread, though, that they represent two distinct failures of the British political system, in a way which the two intervening conflicts in Northern Ireland- the Northern (1942-44) and Border (1956-62) campaigns- did not.
    8. Traitorfish
      The two conflicts weren't fundamentally that different. In both cases, you had insurgent forces operating waging an irregular campaign on behalf of a provisional government engaged in a dispute with the British government over sovereignty of a given territory. In both conflicts, Republican and Loyalists paramilitaries used a combination of irregular and terrorist tactics, and at the height of the Troubles- the late '60s through early '80s- irregular warfare rather than terrorism was predominate within the Six Counties themselves. The difference, in terms of how we categorise it, really comes down to the fact that the earlier war produced a definite geopolitical reorganisation, while the later would just produced an awkward stalemate.
    9. Traitorfish
      The Irish War of Independence and the Troubles. We tend to sweep them under the rug as a somehow uniquely Irish affair, but in reality they were always a British affair, or at least an affair of Britain-in-Ireland.
    10. Gucumatz
      I know, every decently sized country has many diverse dialects :p.
    11. _random_
      Did you ever get onto watching Arrested Development?
    12. Ailedhoo
      Good day comrade.

      There is a space based game called IOT: Great Journeys that has been set up. Consider it for great justice!
    13. Takhisis
      TV Tropes hiva ruineudo mesco lifeux!
      The two aren't mutually exclusive. The idea behind the Big Bang is that the whole universe started with nothing (or virtually nothing), and suddenly started to expand rapidly. I think that the expansion was a lot more rapid than most people here do, however.

      I didn't see the "humans on the moon" option until after I voted. I have no doubt that American and Soviet Spaceships have landed on the moon and their crews have walked on it's surface.
    15. hobbsyoyo
      No, I don't think it did. I edited it in pretty quickly, though I hadn't seen your post at that moment and wasn't trying to make you look dumb or anything. I just realized as soon as I wrote that it was a nebula that I might as well just show people. :)
    16. Ziggy Stardust
      Ziggy Stardust
      Ah yes, if you ignore the joke-votes what's left is the fact-fumbling foursome.
    17. Ziggy Stardust
      Ziggy Stardust
      Oh is there?

      *runs to check it out*
    18. Ziggy Stardust
      Ziggy Stardust
      Heh, and still manage to get it wrong ;)

      I must admit that was the reason I included Theory of Gravity.
    19. Ziggy Stardust
      Ziggy Stardust
      It does have that bond cringeworthiness. ;)

      I saw all the bonds but I guess ol Pierce doesn't leave an impression.
    20. Crezth
      Yeah, it's a rather inappropriate slur. I'm sorry I offended you.
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    Dum inter homines sumus, colamus humanitatem. ("As long as we are among humans, let us be humane.") ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca
    "The church must be where there is need, and homosexuals have suffered innumerable discriminations. If the church doesn't free people from oppression, what purpose does it serve?" ~ Dr. Jacques Gaillot, Titular Bishop of Parthenia
    “What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?” ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi