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  • Eh, it just shows that it's the same things that people want. There are different takes on the same ideas, and they are seen from new perspectives, but maybe it's validation that some of these ideas are what a lot of people want.
    I don't have Civ5 and it still seems easy enough to comment on them. Knowledge of 5 isn't particularly necessary to know what is and what isn't a good idea.
    Good to see you back. The Ideas & Suggestions subforum is still open, it's just tucked inside Civ5 General Discussions, like it was for a while with Civ4. ;)
    I am back! Maybe not for good, but for now. School is a burden, but I will try my best to continue my fame on civfanatics!
    I'm back, sorta....Not sure for how long, but I'll try. To Camikaze: Thanks, the secong sentence really caught my attention. ;)
    Good to see you're back. :D

    Well, it seems pretty good...and you should be happy with it, I think. It seems closer to Civ3 than Civ4 was. Hexes are an interesting change, should be good. One unit per tile should make military strategy more important, whilst shifting the focus of the game slightly away from warfare. There are heaps of other things...I could go on...but yeah, basically, it seems pretty good.
    I am thinking up my master plan to take over the world.... No, not THAT world, the REAL world! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not posting lately... :(
    I'll make the logical connection and assume it's because school started for ya?
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