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  • hope you are okay with those dates. We can edit in new ones if it doesn't work for you..

    hopefuly it will help me get motivated to do the stats.
    I am interested in your game but I have my last exams this week. I am interested to before that though in my breaks to join your game.

    It is possible if I join as a Serene Republic? I feel carving a trade power.
    Tonight is busy. I'm baking a pear and blue cheese and walnut pie, planting a garden, and going swimming. I'll PM or visitor message you if time allows but i suspect tonight will be busy.
    Rolling for Plot isn't working out, so I spoke with the players on chat and we reverted MC to its old function. Since nothing happened last mission, you can retcon buying Commanding 4 if you want.
    I'll check your orders again, but I don't have that. I have that you built a military one last turn, and 3 infra this turn.
    Tech works on a probabilistic model; in any field which you have a research center, you're guaranteed one level increase. More centers increase both the number of levels you can improve and the odds you will improve more than one level.
    Caelinius Collus Lucenii would make a good king. You should support him; he will lead Rome to have strategic advantage, give scientists more chance for glory and will honor you will be a position!

    Caelinius Collus Lucenii rewards the faithful!
    About IDKAC, you said we couldn't be from before 1900. Is there any limit on how far into the future we could be born, or even if we need to be fully human?
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