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  • Possibly. More of the semi loyal folks I suppose. I'd really prefer more of the lake coast, and expanded holdings instead, thanks.
    You know we do have a advantage in IOT12. You see... we have influence over the primal shipping networks in the Americas, directly in my case with the Panama Canel and indirectly by your influence over the southern seas. So we could take the opportunity of introducing a tax on foreign ships going through our sea areas. The tax will be set on grounds of providing funds for our navies guarding the sea areas and to serve as a generation of income. If we play well the tax will still be more affordable than going the longer way round. After all it is cheaper to go from Morocco to Alaska viva la taxed rated Panama Cannel or the south of Argentina than it would be heading east yes?

    Just a idea my ally we could perform to enhance our economic ability but it is something to look at if you consider.
    I has a request for you. One day I would love to see a AC on Beyond the Lampshade. If you fancy a AC can be set up in the Sandbox. I ensure you that if you play your moves correctly we might see the membership of BTL enjoying AC. Trust me: it would be fun.
    Good day.

    If you fancy I have made a party for the CFC presidental election. Here it is if your intrested.
    The admin of BTL is of consideration of a multiplayer Civ5 game. You might want to consider...
    "Early robots" would be considered primitive from our point of view.

    IE, early robots are something that might have popped out of, say, the 80s. Maybe earlier, I don't recall for sure.
    There is: you can hide signatures in the control panel.

    When you join be sure to introduce yourself in the introduction thread.
    Hello Arrow Gamer. I like to invite you to Beyond the Lampshade, the forum I am from. We are a community that debates, humours and other stuff. Consider for the great justice that is our jukebox, while considering play with our sandbox. Join us! We need more members and welcome you well!
    They are fine, but I do not know that they will be used any time soon. There are no illusionary or elemental spells in levels 1-2 for mage.
    Resurrecting NinNES I: Antiquity Broken. If still interested, post in the thread. If not, let me know so I can keep a tally.
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