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  • "... and soon the Teutonic Order controlled the three northern 'Provinces' of loyalist Hungary. ... [All but southeast Hungarian province conquered by T.O.]"

    But now there are only 3 total.

    Should I assume I control 2 provinces, or all 3 Hungarian Loyalists? Can I make a peace deal with the Loyalists, or do I have to go through the Ottomans? I'd assume I could make it directly with them.
    I also forgot to mention, should the HRE be mentioned in my stats somewhere?
    YOU KIND OF CYBERN00B! I demand you nominate people and IOTs for the IOT Awards! Only 9 people nominating doesn't cut my standards!
    Posting here to prevent thread spam.

    The MPIII thread was spammed with "aggressive negotiations" on whether or not certain nations were too silly, OOC, or extravagant to be considered valid participants.

    Birdjaguar thus decided to lock it.

    As a result, a number of the game mods have posted the strike message, in order to protest mod interference both in MPIII, but also in numerous other IOTs. Thing is, sometimes these IOTs aren't home to a crowd that particularly wants mod intervention. They have been complaining about it for quite a while, IIRC. Not that Birdjaguar isn't doing his job correctly mind you, I very much believe he is.

    This particular community just doesn't agree very much.
    You can base it off of the one that you did earlier, or pick the second option to switch it up, though Nylan seems to be doing the second one at the moment. Your pick though.
    Once again the SUDS offer its thanks. Together we will ensure security by ensuring the Nazis do not harm us via their war worshipping ways.
    The Cape will aid you. Japan will grow with our ecomonic support. In this end we will donate copies of the Republic to you with the shipment we will send during the next year.
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