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  • For clarification it was Omega, Civved, TerranEmperor, and KaiserElectric you know had a hand in killing your father
    Once we've come out of Hiding I'll get it done. We can't currently admit new members as there aren't any meetings of the Guildhall.
    Arya, two questions:

    1. Say I want to pick up live broadcasting rights for EVO. This wasn't part of your special offers bidding, so could I just pick it up uncontested? Or can I not pick it up at all?

    2. When DVD sales become a thing, who gets the profit, execs or producers?
    Understood, much appreciated. There's a chance I'll relax the limits a bit as the game gets moving, too.
    13 techs was a bit imbalanced, so I've edited the rules a bit now - you should have 1500 instead of 3000 now. Will still give you five techs, all your pop militarized, and some change.
    case you didn't see it
    D0UB1EA: "What specifically do you propose? It is not an unappealing one, but I wish to know your full terms before agreeing. I acknowledge that Andor is a large country, and hard to traverse, but that doesn't mean I wish to stop defending it. The mistakes of the past need not continue."
    I can run a mission later tonight; would prefer to continue last nights if all parties involved are free. Please see SG.
    I would advise you take Sone's advise; for pragmatic reasons it would be useless to go war focused at the start. We must develop!
    Yeah totally fine. No rush! The political climate is not in our favor now anyway.
    Also, I was thinking our symbol would look good if we added our party name to it. Here are two quick versions I made: horizontal version, vertical version. You don't have to use them, they didn't take very long. I just wanted to try and contribute something.
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