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    -I've joined the guardian party.
    -Are we apart of a coalition already? Red_Scarlet suggested that we are, but I seemed to have missed when Guardian joined.
    -We should form a coalition with Ailedhoo religious party.
    -We need to release some sort of short-term plan for the first turnset.
    Hey mate do you want to make a SOF Coalition group? I would make it but you're the president it seems right that you should.
    Actually, if you would officially endorse my own (I guess radical...) idea that immortals are the only rulers with the wisdom fit to lead our nation, then I will join.
    Of the parties available, yours is the most conservative. I suggested it really because it seemed like everyone was over-eager to found left-wing parties. I'll probably stay independent this election cycle, but will definitely be watching to see if the Guardian Party is for me.
    I agree, an alliance would work rather well. Our two nations need to work together to stop the deadly advance of Communism. Germany can send some soldiers to help maintain peace within the Polish republic. Once stability has been imposed, I might also be able to invest some factories into Poland proper, which should help with the rebuilding effort.
    Here's to hoping your uni picks are numerous and desirable. In any event, I'm running a new WWII/Fall of Colonialism IOT, you should join.
    It's a CityIOT.
    To address your grievances with the earlier iterations, I acknowledge this one as a nonserious, nonrealistic, and chaotic game in the intro, so if you have interest, I request that you make that distinction between this game and its predecessors.
    Likely to change factions actually. Only joined UD because at the time it was a commander short, now UD has one up on everyone else. If I stick around, Hawai'i remains a powerful base because one move into the Pacific and I threaten the entire Asian coast. There are also no Axis commanders in Asia so I feel like I am just as effective here as in Aussieland.
    Arya, is there anything specific you need Nicholas Paris to do in the campaign, or just general scouting and recon?
    You can't change inheritance laws of city titles unless you're a republic I believe.

    Installing family members results in a tax penalty because your family members are also "feudal".
    As far as I've seen, you could tax the burghers to hell and there'd be absolutely nothing to do about it. At best, they'll try to kill you, but they do that anyway. They can't rise up in rebellion without you going in and making a failed arrest first after all. I know a lot of people turn city taxes up as high as possible because of that.

    Installing family members results in the same tax penalty too.
    You're not trying to hold cities are you? I thought you was playing a feudal lord. Feudal lords get a hefty penalty to trying to hold city titles (unlike patricians).
    It is done. Honor was good, as we already have two Tradition policies chosen and it helps in our future goals.
    Just popping in to say the matter I pm'd about is TOP secret. I mean, tell no one I even pm'd you about it. And to Red, who'll certainly read this message very soon(and the people he will then share this with), I know you're there and you're not cleared to know.
    Hey, new America. the Roman Empire is giving you a friendly reminder that if you must use nukes, use them tactically, and only in places where it limits Civilian damage. using nukes strategically does nothing if they army is intact, which will then destroy your standing, forever.

    if you use nukes strategically, we will be forced to take action. just so you know. no hard feelings? :)
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