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    What do people think of these?

    Friedman believes that Japan will be able to sustain itself with a minimal population by recourse to advanced robotic technology, particularly in the area of providing for its aging population. Why other advanced economies can't achieve a similar level of automation is never adequately...
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    Neanderthal DNA in modern humans

    White people got the gene that prevents being cool.
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    Hitler was both Jewish and African!

    It was the Jooz.
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    AI Controlled Cars, or Your Right to Drive

    a middle of the line solution may be to allow cars to be driven manually but have them react to hazardous changes then return control. It may involve syncing with other cars, or with a satellite that records road conditions. (apologies if already mentioned)
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    Santa Claus is a conservative.

    He's a slave-owning racist. The elves do all the hard work, get none of the compensation, and work in under-regulated factories (sub-zero temperatures, anyone?). His job of delivering presents is way up the value chain; he gets the fancy ride and all the accolades. Meanwhile, his slaves are...
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    Is feminism the end for the west?

    Men's rights activism appears more as a reaction to feminism rather than an ideological framework. A significant portion consists of divorced men bitter about marriage and women in general, and blaming feminism for what they perceive as lopsided custody laws. "Female Privilege", in the courts...
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    Boycotts & Sanctions

    Actually, the PLO has long recognized Israel's right to exist. Even Hamas has grudgingly agreed to discuss a two-state solution, which is, de facto, a recognition of Israel's right to exist. The Arab league has offered to normalize relations with Israel if a two-state settlement can be reached.
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    Is feminism the end for the west?

    I'm glad someone brought up the sex-positive/negative feminisms. Indeed, this single issue is one of the most polarizing within the feminist movement itself, with opinions ranging from portrayals of sex objectify women to sex is empowering and liberating.
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    Compare your country provinces/states with US states!

    I see what you did there.
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    Elian Gonzales: "Castro is like a father to me"

    I thought it sounded more like a deliberate exaggeration for rhetorical effect.
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    Elian Gonzales: "Castro is like a father to me"

    link Surprised there is no thread about this. For those who don't remember, Elian Gonzales was a six year old Cuban refugee whose mother drowned attempting the crossing to Miami. His family in America tried to settle him in the US against the wishes of his father living in Cuba. He was...
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    Too rich to jail

    I wonder if the parents can claim the same defense if they're prosecuted, that they had a case of Affluenza from birth, or acquired it in the process of using their wealth.
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    Tila Tequila finally finds her true love

    I second the attention-seeking suggestion.
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    Too rich to jail

    People will likely starve or freeze to death, anyway, if not for this kid's future job creating abilities.
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    The Fall of Uruguay

    Preeety sure weed's supposed to mellow you out.
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